Really found this non stop mix the best ever! 1 hour of GG’s music non-stop!


Enjoy! 😀

Taeng had published a selca with a wink on her insta on the same day the girls releases their best selection non stop mix.

Taeyeon In Japanese with the photo – commented “Today, I’m pleased to announce the release Girls’ Generation best selection non stop mix Mixed by Taku Takahashi from m-flo lot 🙂 that there has be reproduced, toe!.!”. In Wink evocative of fan, I was a PR new album.

The first official Non Stop MIX CD of SNSD, “Girls’ Generation BEST SELECTION NON STOP MIX” recorded “The Boys”, “PAPARAZZI” “Oh!” And “GEE”, all 21 tracks on this disc.