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소원… 보고싶다. 내가 그냥하는소리같죠? 그렇지만그렇지않아요 진심으로 보고싶고 만나고싶고 감사하고 안아주고싶고막다들.. 그렇네요. 날이 더우니 안아쥬긔노노? 그럼 악수라도 헤헤. 소원! 암튼 내가 많이 고마워하고있어요항상. 내 평생 칭구들이 되어줬음좋겠다 내가더 잘할게요♥ 사랑하고좋아해요^^ #그림은그냥봐줘저번꺼야


SONE… I miss you. It sounds like I’m just saying this for the sake of it right? Even then, that’s not the case. I sincerely miss you, want to meet you, am thankful to you and want to hug all of you.. Yeah, that’s right. Because the weather is hot, hugging is a no-no? In that case, at least a handshake heh-heh. SONE! In any case, I’m always very thankful to you. I hope you’ll be my friends for life, I’ll do even better♥ I love you and like you^^ #JustOverlookTheDrawing_ItsFromLastTime


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