Maknae Seohyun will become a guest lecturer for a program run by SK for Seoul’s Platon Academy called “Mental Boom Up School”. The purpose of the Program is to teach humanities for the youths who attend it.
The “Mental Boom Up School” program started on July 20th and will run every Saturday until August 10th at the SK Telecom office and T Tower in Seorin-dong, Seoul. Other guest lecturers include professors, reporters, and even a famous webtoon artist.
Seohyun will be taking part in the “Mental Healing School” section of the program. And about her segment, “Happy Book Reading with SNSD’s Seohyun”, it will be in a question-answer format. Seohyun will answer questions asked by the students and discuss books with them, including what books she likes and what she recommends for young people to read. Seohyun segment will be on this Saturday July 27th 2013 at SK Telecom office and T tower, from 11.10am to 12:25pm KST.

Source: NATE, Platon Academy, soshified