Sunny flew to Taiwan to film tvN’s variety show, “Grandpa Over Flowers 2” on July 25th. Despite the secrecy, Sunny was spotted with cast members of the program at Taoyuan Airport in Taipei.

Sunny’s tie with the variety show started with “Grandpas Over Flowers,” season 1, when the casts toured to Europe. The production team tricked Lee Seo Jin into believing that he was going on a trip with Sunny. Lee Seo Jin, who is a huge fan of Sunny, was very happy until he met the other “grandpas” at the airport.

The air date and time for the show have yet to be announced.

Check out the Fantaken Pictures of Sunny filming “Granpas Over Flowers 2” here:
[Fantaken Pictures] 130725 Sunny Filming “Grandpas Over Flowers” in Taiwan

Sources: soompi, soshified