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cabd744a345e2ced6d4bbe6ef16eed51-500SONEs get excited! With rumors of a January comeback, SM Entertainment has now confirmed that SNSD is planning on making a comeback early next year!

In an interview with OSEN on December 7th, a SM Entertainment spokesperson shared, “SNSD are preparing with the goal of a comeback early next year. However, the exact date hasn’t been set yet. We will reveal more details as they come out.”

Before the official announcement was made, there were rumors that SNSD will have a more masculine concept. However, SM confirmed that the group’s new concept will not be mannish. With that said, the representative did say that we will “see a new side of Girls’ Generation.”

So stay tuned for more exciting SNSD news soon! Any ideas what the new concept might be?

Source: OSEN