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With the start of the new year, another celebrity couple has emerged. Lee Seung Gi and Girl’s Generation’s Yoona had been caught enjoying several dates!

The photos they’ve released are from October 8th 2013 when Lee Seung Gi returned from his Japanese concert. According to media outlet, Lee Seung Gi was spotted picking up Yoona at an apartment in Samsungdong. Two of them then headed off to the Han River area where they enjoyed an hour long date. While returning back home, Yoona was seen carrying a shopping bag which contained a gift that Seung Gi bought for her in Japan.

The two of them are said to have started seeing each other since September and have been growing in love for 4 months now, dating in the utmost secret.

In addition to this date, several reports stated that the two of them had been spotted together on October 13th, 22nd as well as several dates in November.

Other than that, Seung Gi had mentioned that Yoona is his ideal type a long while back and was especially teased for it when he hosted ‘Strong Heart’, adding credibility to the report of the two dating.


With the report breaking, both agencies didn’t hesitate in confirming the two’s relationship status right away.

SM Entertainment commented to Osen, “The two are in the beginning stages of getting to know each other.”

Lee Seung Gi’s reps also stated, “Lee Seung Gi and YoonA are carefully meeting one another… We don’t know exactly when the two started seeing each other, but we can say that they’re in the beginning stages… Please watch over the two kindly.”

Congratulations to the couple!!


Source: Dispatch