2011 Mr Taxi


Mr. Taxi, Taxi, Taxi… Girls’ Generation follows The Boys with a song that fans already know and love, the infectious dance hit Mr. Taxi, which was first released in Japanese. Featuring brand new photos, the third album repackage includes all the tracks from The Boys album, plus the English version of The Boys.

  • Released Date: December 8, 2011
  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Language: Korean
  • Label: SM Entertainment

Tracks :

  1. MR. TAXI
  2. The Boys
  3. 텔레파시(Telepathy)
  4. Say yes
  5. TRICK
  6. 봄날(How great is your love)
  7. My J
  8. OSCAR
  9. Top Secret
  10. Lazy Girl(Dolce Far Niente)
  11. 제자리걸음(Sunflower)
  12. 비타민(VITAMIN)
  13. The Boys(English ver.)


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